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Modular pavilions

Do you have an idea for a business, do you know where you want to run it and do you have the right land to start your business on? The only thing missing is a building where you will start offering services or selling products? Commercial pavilions are the solution to your problem and, at the same time, a way to quickly start your business. Check what you will gain thanks to them.

Modern modular pavilions are the company's showpiece

You can consider each month of waiting for the start of your business as a cost. Investing in a brick building is associated not only with a long wait for implementation, possible formalities, but also - with higher expenses. A solution that eliminates these problems are commercial containers, i.e. objects that can be placed very quickly wherever you need them.

As a manufacturer of pavilions, we focus on the optimal adjustment of the designed solutions to the needs of customers. Modular construction is an activity in which we have specialized for years, which results in the solutions we propose. Modular pavilions will prove themselves in many businesses such as:

  • food services,
  • commercial services,
  • construction services.

What is the use of such facilities in the construction industry? If you are implementing an investment and want to organize an office for clients nearby, you do not have to rent the premises nearby - the office pavilions we offer are perfect for this purpose.

Commercial containers in the catering business? Absolutely! They can be equipped with full sanitary, hygienic and social facilities. Such a building can be a showcase of your company, look attractive, modern and be positively received by customers - just choose the right project.


Commercial pavilions – What are the advantages?

Structures that we build at the request of clients can be tailored to their individual needs. Choosing a shopping pavilion has many advantages:

  • This is a way to quickly set up a facility where you will conduct your business.
  • You can transport it from place to place if necessary.
  • Its dimensions can be adjusted to your needs.
  • It is characterized by a low heat flow, which means that the cost of its heating is not high.
  • Thanks to it, you will incur lower expenses - both in comparison to the construction of a brick building and the rental of the premises.
  • It can be placed on a foundation, concrete slab or steel structure.
  • The construction of such a structure does not require a permit.

We can construct a turnkey pavilion for you. As part of our offer, we can equip commercial facilities with the necessary solutions. Of course, the pavilion will have windows and doors, but we can meet your other expectations, so that the containers are tailored to your individual requirements.

Our commercial pavilions are refined both in terms of technical and aesthetics. We focus only on solid, modern and proven materials, and the structures we build are aesthetic and elegant. If you are looking for such a solution, use the contact form or call us. We will get to know your needs and propose a project that will meet them.

Modular construction that will meet your expectations

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